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Setting up Git remote repository on Linux

An important thing to note when setting up a “local” remote repository is that a remote repository is different from a local repository. A repository, while technically can work as both a working copy and the origin, does not work very… intended. To get it working, I created a blank repository to act as the origin, then made another folder (in /var/www) that cloned the folder (yes, Git will let you set an origin to a path on the system directly).

On the server, create a folder for the repository. Then create a .git folder. Then, in that folder, run git init --bare. After this, on the local repository, add the origin using SSH syntax: <username>@<hostname>:<path-to-project>. You will need an SSH key set up for the user on the server, the same key used in GitHub will work fine, including the same setup process (obviously, instead of copying the public key into GitHub, just add it to the .ssh/authorized_keys file). Important note: The “path to project” is the folder above the .git folder created earlier.

UPDATE: This probably isn’t needed in actuality, the repository can probably just exist without a .git folder. Keeping this listed as it’s the current set up for the Docs repository.