This is a website dedicated to logging the random processes or projects I go through to get something working properly. A lot of things will be thrown about places, apologies if the organization is a bit dodgy at times. Most stuff here will involve either the development of ‘things’, or how to get certain things working in areas that have poor documentation.

What I do

I primarily work on things that benefit me or some friends. The only projects I’ve made that I consider ‘major’ are related to speedrunning, or are small-scale desktop applications that benefit my personal workflow. I’ve developed on all of the major operating systems (macOS, Linux, Windows), but currently mainly operate macOS. Sue me.


Nothing here is fact checked. Like, absolutely nothing. Most of the things that will be written here are loose notes for myself and how I got certain things to work. If something I write does not work for you, please don’t contact me asking for me to fix my documentation. Unless you want to give another solution that worked for you, in which case I may add a note.

Point is, this is very loose. Sorry.

OS Configuration